Im Karissa and i live in Adelaide.
Anything you find here will be related to my 2 passions Autographs and TV.

TV Loves Include: Castle, Sanctuary, True Blood, Alias, Covert Affairs, Buffy, Lie to Me, Veronica Mars, Angel, Bones, FireFly, The Tudors, Glee, The OC, Doctor Who, NCIS, Fringe, Lost, White Collar, The Good Wife, Brothers & Sisters, X files, Eureka, Nurse Jackie, Leverage, Being Human, Rizzoli & Isles, Chuck, Xena, Warehouse 13, Charmed, Sons of Anarchy, Stargate . . etc lol

Other things that may appear include: Anything from Harry Potter, Tigers, My love of Football, James Dean and Kelly Clarkson to name a few.

**Her Royal Highness the Queen Of Autographs**

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TV is my Religion, Autographs are my Obsession